return of Ladies, Men's, Intermediate and Mixed Rows from Saturday, 22nd May

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return of Ladies, Men's, Intermediate and Mixed Rows from Saturday, 22nd May

Dear Rowers,

We have been back on the water a few weeks now and have enjoyed easing our way back into rowing.
As fitness levels and the taste for racing are on the rise – well done to the 5 mile crews! – we are now ready for the next step back to normality and are looking to return to a more structured training as was pre Covid19:

We are reintroducing the progression training from Open Rows across to Intermediates and the Ladies’ and Men’s training. You probably have seen Brian’s post on the forum about the start of Open Rows – please support where you can.
We will also start with the Intermediate training again where rowers will be assessed regularly and signed off for Ladies’ and Men’s training once they are ready.

This Sunday you will see 3 separate posts on the forum for Ladies’, Men’s and Intermediate training. Please sign up for your corresponding training slots for the following weekend 22nd/23rd May.  

Please note – rowers who were with Intermediate training pre Covid19 should sign up again for the Intermediate training.
As per pre Covid19 the Intermediate sessions will take place on a Saturday.

For Sundays we plan to offer a Mixed training row for all rowers across Intermediate, Ladies and Men in addition to the normal Men’s and Ladies sessions.

The aim is to have 2 boats out on the water at the same time to allow for side by side training. We still need to follow the Covid19 measures, so we ask Coxes to ensure that only 1 crew at the time is on the pontoon. We are looking for an alternative changeover spot between rows to support – please keep an eye on the forum for further updates.

See you on the water.

The Rowing Captains