Update from Gigrower CPGA Coronavirus briefing

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Update from Gigrower CPGA Coronavirus briefing

robina and chris
CPGA May 7, 2020  74  0

The CPGA is aware that the UK government will set its next steps regarding its Covid-19 policy on Sunday and there is plenty of speculation what this may mean for the wider world not just for rowing. The CPGA will not change its guidance to member clubs given on 16th March until after the government communication has been given and its messages have been digested and further guidance can be drafted. Remember, the up-coming advice may not allow any return to our sport for some time yet.

Scenarios regarding any return to training or racing have been drafted and discussed by the CPGA committee; we are monitoring several Sport and NGB sites for information and feel we are as prepared as we can be to respond to any changes to guidance and will able to update you in a timely manner. We urge that member clubs await a CPGA update before changing or drafting their own club policies.

Our future planning continues, how the current situation has affected our sport and its activities are being monitored and reviewed continually. Advice on funding options available to clubs have been sent to club secretaries via the weekly news update. We are also planning to regularly update the membership with Gig Rower features on progress with ongoing CPGA developments and projects.

Our GigRower team have done a wonderful job keeping our membership engaged with the GigRower Virtual Rowing Championships and keep the engagement going, showing last years Scilly World Championship footage and organising a virtual pub quiz, supporting this, history of gig rowing and quizzes have been put out via the CPGA instagram and twitter accounts to keep everyone thinking of our sport. We will continue developing our virtual engagement should this challenging time continue.

The Cornish Pilot Gig Association wish for all members of its community and their families to remain safe and well.

Sincerely, The CPGA Committee