THE GREAT ESCAPE ...Hayling Pitch and Putt golf course

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THE GREAT ESCAPE ...Hayling Pitch and Putt golf course

The Great Escape,

Just checked with the Hayling 9 hole pitch and putt golf course , they will remain open for the
foreseeable future , they provide clubs, balls, scorecards etc. See the link below . Why not give it a try , its open air, you can keep naturally apart from others, by spacing yourself out. I never hit the ball straight anyway.

If you go, post your score here for all our amusement.( be honest)

It takes about 45 minutes to complete a round and you don't need to book.Car parking is free .

Take some hand sanitiser or wear gloves .

The cost is under £5 per round with all the gear ..discounts for OAPs and juniors

See below link