Sport England Application for funding Small Grants

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Sport England Application for funding Small Grants

Mike Gilbert
An update for you, Shelley and I met with Philip Pring today - well it was mostly Shelley - anyway we went through the Small Grants Application form and outlined how to complete it. more information is available at We plan to go for £10,000 towards buying a second hand Wooden Racing Gig.

We have to sort out one query with Sport England, and that is they ask for previous financial history and the Gig Club has none. Last time we used the Cutters last 3 years finances, but this time the advice is to go in as a 'new club'. So we are waiting for them to tell us what to say in that section.

Philip was his usual friendly and helpful self.

Key points:
Organisation description;
Project Description;
Measuring Your Projects Impact;
Who Benefits from your Project;
LA Contacts.

It all seem straightforward. If we get an answer next week on the financial paperwork, we will submit an entry next week.