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Jackie Tutt
We had an incident when a rower fell into the water in the Marina last weekend . Please can all rowers be very careful and not take chances by overreaching to grab the pontoon or jumping from the boats to the Pontoon and allow the boat to come alongside before disembarking . Please will all crew listen to their coxes.
Furthermore we are about to enter into February ,the coldest month, please be careful as the Pontoons can be very slippery.
Please note that the pontoons are designed to be a  height to suit yachts and motorboats . The water tends to be at least  6 ft deep and is very cold . If one falls into the cold water it is very difficult to get out onto a pontoon as the pontoons are too high . There are fibre glass ladders on the pontoons so if you were to fall in you can find a way of climbing out, so when next down in the Marina make a note as to where the ladders are just in case. Finally when the weather is very cold please avoid being on the pontoon on your own and take a buddy just be in case of a slip

The finger pontoons ( the sections which jut out form the main concourse ) are only designed for 2 or 3 people to stand on at any one time otherwise the end will dip down and it becomes unstable so please be aware of this.

Finally we suggest everyone keeps a spare set of clothes in their car just in case one does get wet and cold

Thanks Colin