Now is the hour, time to get back on the bike

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Now is the hour, time to get back on the bike

Greetings all I have finally decided that enough is enough, no more looking back now is the time to get back to fitness for rowing next year if not sooner!

I am most disappointed with the Government Furlough scheme to which I applied my stomach muscles with the expectation that some eighty percent of conditioning would be looked after but despite working harder than ever for ten weeks doing Work stuff my stomach just kept on growing Something needed doing...

Running is simply not an option for me, a sub four hour marathon many years ago did for knees and calf’s in equal measure to the extent that I can probably jog further backwards than forwards.

So it was off to Hayling Cycles with my single geared, no brakes, flat tiyred, second hand bike for their magical service. Just a few hours and £25 later I now have 18 gears, two brakes and air in my tyres and am back in the road!  

I cannot praise Neil enough great service, great value and local to boot. Hayling cycles don’t email or facebook just get your bike to their front door on a Tuesday and knock three times.....

So now I have set myself a minimum of 30 minutes a day proper cycling!

Why am I sharing this, well, if like me this last month or so has been a bit of a challenge for you and yours and everything you read or watch is totally negative and you are really missing the escapism that is rowing, then I just wanted to share the buzz from pushing myself to do something new that takes a bit of effort and gives that well earned glow of satisfaction of actual achievement.

Stay sane, get yourself out for some me time everyday!