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Newsletter is on its way to you and will be uploaded to website

Jackie Tutt
Hi Giggers, Families and Friends

We hope you are all well and we have missed you all during these strange times! We are today sending out the latest Newsletter which as you can imagine is not as full of events and celebrations as it would normally be during a full racing season!  We have put this together since we have received further information from British Rowing and the CPGA on how we can safely return to rowing.

There are plans underway at the moment which include a questionnaire which you should have received by email. This will initially give us an idea of who would like to return to rowing. However, we do fully understand that there will be many of you who do not feel ready to return yet.  

Once we know the level of interest we will be putting together a new timetable and will be working weekly with the CPGA and other clubs to share ideas and plans. These plans may need to change as we move forward and so please bear with us as we try to adapt to the new normal!

Many thanks to all our wonderful members for keeping us and each other going in different ways during lockdown. We really look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can.

Best wishes
Your Langstone Committee