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Hello all

For more months than I care to admit I've been working on a members' handbook to introduce and illustrate Club policies and procedures as well as provide some interesting info about Gig rowing.

As it has taken me this long to produce, and we've got a great number of members now who have had a great number of experiences, I thought I'd liven up the contents with photos and comments from members in between the serious stuff.

So if you'd like to send me a paragraph about a particular gig rowing experience you have had or a photograph with a caption I would be delighted to include it!

It doesn't have to be fancy, just something that everyone might relate to. Also, if there's anything you would particularly like to have included, let me know. Chances are (hopefully!) the committee has thought of everything important already but you never know...

Initially the handbook will be a digital publication but in time we hope to secure funding to have it printed. In this way it can be updated and evolve but even so, I need to set a deadline of 30 September for submissions.

Email to me or a reply here.