JUNIORS Important Update before you Return to Rowing

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JUNIORS Important Update before you Return to Rowing

Jackie Tutt
Hi Junior Parents

Less than a week to go and we will be back on the water!

Paula and I are really looking forward to seeing all our Juniors again and getting back in a gig to row. We just need to go through some of the precautions that the club have had to put in place to make it safe for everyone. These precautions were put in place last year for the short time that we were allowed to row and have been reissued for this return to rowing. I have today emailed you all and attached a copy of the clubs Standard Operating Procedure for you to read and draw your attention specifically to Section 9 of Phase 3 of of the document.

We would ask that you please read the attached document and sign the Opt in Consent Form on behalf of your Junior and provide all the relevant details. Please ensure this form is returned before Juniors rowing session this Friday 2nd April.

I just wanted to highlight a few important points –

1. Until further notice we are operating a mixed row system (with Juniors in their own gig) and we expect everyone who wishes to row to post against the Main post or Junior post on the Forum by the Wednesday before each weekend. We ask that those wishing to row specify that they would like early morning or mid/late morning/afternoon and then on each Wednesdays the Captains are putting crews together.  Until we know how many members wish to row we are never sure when the rows will start and they have to stagger so our intention is to keep the Juniors together and the time slot will be confirmed on the Wednesday, but I hope we can all stick with a late morning slot. We currently have seven Juniors – LILY, LOTTIE, LIAM, FREYA, JOE, NICOLE AND CERYS and as explained in the Whatsapp this week if they all wish to row each weekend we will not be able to accommodate. So my intention is to make contact with you all by Whatsapp to try to make it work and we will see how we go for now.

2. Juniors must have their own proper facemask and have their own personal hand sanitiser.  Bring as little as possible to rowing sessions as nothing can be left in the Clubhouse but as ever please ensure they are warm enough and have a raincoat.

3. Arrival time must be 30 minutes before the row time to ensure a warm up and to be ready to go to the pontoon 15 minutes before the allotted row time. This is really important as we want to try to avoid crossovers of members and also want to get our rows out on time.

4. Juniors are not permitted to enter the Clubhouse at any time. Lifejackets will be made available outside the Clubhouse by Junior Coxes.

5. It is recommended that Juniors rowers are accompanied by two adults at all times (Cox and helper/passenger)

6. Junior rowers will be expected to change sides during the row and to accommodate this the gig will return to the workboat pontoon halfway through the row for the changeover process to take place.  Juniors will put on their facemask and leave the gig and wait on the pontoon two metres apart. A cleaning process will take place by cox and assistant and Juniors will then return to gig.

7. On completion of the row Juniors will asked to disembark and be escorted back to the Clubhouse supervised by the Cox.  Designated helper will stay behind and be responsible for cleaning of the gig. Juniors will not be responsible for this task and should not take part.

8. Please ensure that you return to collect your Junior on time as we cannot have Juniors remaining at the Clubhouse after the allotted time to avoid crossovers of members.

This may all seem very regimented but we need to ensure everyone’s safety and apart from the mid row changeover, our adult rowers are going through the same process. As we move throughout the next few months I am sure this process will be easy to follow and we can still ensure we have great rowing sessions and good fun with our Juniors.

Thank you for your cooperation and we are looking forward to the weekend.

Jackie and Paula xx
Junior Squad Team