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HRR update

Andrew Berry
Dear Hamble River Raid (HRR) parent...

For those unfamiliar with the HRR, there is more info on the website under. The main thing is that even if you are not rowing its a day out for the

whole family - weather permitting - with beer tents, burgers and other things, a bit of a waterside fete. 

Juniors are not technically permitted to launch boats, H&S etc,  therefore I will be reliant on some

of you parents to help me please , as well as other members of the gig club.

Our sister club the Langstone cutters will also be there.

The key thing is that although the race starts and finishes at Hamble Hard, we will actually be launching and recovering
the boat, at MDL Marina , Hamble Point, ( see under ) and I'll need the crew there both before and after the race for obvious reasons.


Lifejackets will be worn...I'll bring them in my car....if your J can remember their LJ number I'll try and bring it.

Please ensure your J knows their racing position, and can Maddie confirm we've got it right for her ?

1 Heidi - ack
2 Hannah
3 Ella
4 Maddie
5 Jemima
6 Megan

As always dress appropriately with plenty of options so that we're not caught out if the weather changers

Please wear official gear if you've got it.

I'll let you know timings later but I think 10AM at the marina is going to be about right.

Any Qs to me please, phone number under and 07977 914110 on the day.

I'm also hoping that there may be a spare club tower you can bring the gig back as I have to be at a

choir concert early evening. ( Paul Jones maybe ? )

There is a fee for each rower, which I  think Jackie has already told you about...  

Please can you acknowledge receipt

There is a fee for each rower, which I  think Jackie has already told you about...

If there are any car sharing options available to you I'd go for it, parking is a bit of an issue - see 'donkey field'

Hamble Point Marina
School Lane, Hamble, Southampton, Hampshire
SO31 4NB

Best wishes
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Re: HRR update

Jackie Tutt
Hi All
Apologies as I have had an extended stay in the Scillies! Back now and just getting on top of things.
I have registered and the cost was £25 in total so if Andrew can divide that between the crew that would be brilliant.

Good Luck for Saturday and I hope you all enjoy the day.
Jackie x