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Fwd: Bank Holiday Sunday rowing - non Scillies

Dear Giggers, kindly note the attatched email regarding Gig Rowing over the May bamk Holiday.
Best wishes

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Andrew & Debbie B [via Langstone Cutters Gig Club]" <[hidden email]>
Date: April 22, 2013, 6:12:02 PM GMT+01:00
To: Brian <[hidden email]>
Subject: Bank Holiday Sunday  rowing - non Scillies

For those of us left at home over the bank holiday weekend, it is proposed to do one, or if there is demand two rows, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday

Lets see if we can get a crew together for the Sunday for starters, and work from there

I can obviously tow/launch and act as cox if required.

So if you would like to row on the Sunday can you please, rather than use the new booking system, post a reply on this forum, and if you would ALSO like to row on the Saturday please say so, but lets concentrate on filling Sunday say at 9.00 AM first of all, as we are spread rather thinly on the ground.

We've got me, Debbie and Carole so far.

If there are less than 5 bookings we would have to cancel.


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