ERG Booking Procedures, COVID19 Consent and Booking System

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ERG Booking Procedures, COVID19 Consent and Booking System

Greg Tutt
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LPGC Members,
The Committee can confirm that they have taken sufficient measures and advice to allow LPGC members to start using the Ergs in the clubhouse again from the 31st May 2021.
In order to facilitate their use we do need members who intend to use the Ergs to read and confirm by signature they have read the SOP guidelines we have created.

Please follow this link, download a copy of the SOP guidelines, sign the ‘Opt In’ consent form section and either email a scanned copy or electronically signed copy to

Erg Booking System
We have created an Erg diary system for members to book their erg training slots. Erg sessions are to be booked only on the hour, are restricted to 45 minutes and sufficient time must be allowed to include a clean of the equipment, as per our guidelines, prior to departure.

Here is the link to the erg booking system:
JUNE 2021

JULY 2021

New diaries will be added and on a monthly basis.
Members will be charged £1.00 for the use of the ergs and this will be collected monthly along with any rowing sessions attended.
Our policy remains that there must be a minimum of 2 LPGC member rowers and a maximum of 3 LPGC member rowers at any one session. There must not be any more that 3 LPGC members in the Clubhouse at any one time. Social distancing must be maintained at all times.

Please place a small bag over the PM Consoles and remove after training. Do not spray the consoles with antivac spray.
A deep clean is required once per week and we encourage Erg users to be part of this rota. There is a separate post for this rota.
This erg booking system will be used for the LPGC ‘Track and Trace’ and erg users, when attending sessions, will be agreeing that they are in continued good health and free from any signs of the COVID19 virus.
Please note, that whilst the LPGC committee have made every effort for LPGC members to use the Ergs within the clubhouse, they cannot be held responsible for any contagion contracted whilst using our facilities.

LPGC Committee