Core workout - plank challenge

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Core workout - plank challenge

To all those fabaroony rowers who tuck one foot under the stretcher, here's a great workout that will take just a few minutes each day and will boost those tummy muscles, helping you keep both feet on top of the stretcher for max push/pull through the drive.

As the tummy muscles don't need to be warmed up, you can slide out of your bed onto the floor and get it done before your brain actually registers that you're awake!!


So, to recap Stu's vid:

Level 1 = 15 seconds
Level 2 = 30 seconds
Level 3 = 45 seconds
Level 4 = 60 seconds

Mon x 1, Tues x 2, Weds x 3, Thurs x 4, Fri x 3, Sat x 2, Sun x 1.  

Max rest between sets is 5 minutes but for best results keep rest short, somewhere between half and full time. So if Level 1 today you would do: 15 secs plank, 15 secs rest, 15 secs plank. Done.

Use a timer such as or get an app for your phone to set and run the clock for you. Gymboss is a great one.

Gig Club Plank Challenge

Let's see how much time we can add to our plank times this month by setting before and after benchmarks. Grab a buddy or a stopwatch get into the plank position and don't drop until you absolutely have to! You'll wobble, but keep it going as best you can.

Do this now and then post your time up!

Now... do Stu's plank challenge every day and on 30 April do the max test again and see how you've improved.

Strong trunk means longer lean back, means longer stroke, means more power through the water, means better team. Let's get strong!!