CAP 'Focus Day' - Thurs 27th June Hayling College

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CAP 'Focus Day' - Thurs 27th June Hayling College

Jackie Tutt
Hi Giggers

We have been invited to attend the Hayling College CAP event again this year. The CAP day is to address "Risky Behaviours" and to offer diversionary activities to young people in our community. It would be great to go along and promote our club within the school and to talk about the benefits of rowing. We are invited to take along Islander and a couple of rowing machines and have been allocated an area in the outside space near the sports hall again.

If there were any of our older Juniors who have finished their exams and could come along that would be brilliant!

Also need someone to offer to tow there and back please.

Parking - There is some parking available within the school grounds at Church Rd, Hayling Island PO11 0NU or just outside on the road in Pepper Close.  If there is no room, there is a Council pay and display Car Park at St Mary's Road, Hayling, PO11 9BY which is approximately 7 minutes away on foot.

Please add your name on this post to say that you would be able to meet earlier that morning to load up, prep the gig and get to the school by 8.30am.

Many thanks Jackie