Apologies to the WED 19th Just Row crew

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Apologies to the WED 19th Just Row crew

robina and chris
I am so sorry to have made a 'Wrong Call' at 8am today. It is so difficult to predict rain at present and thought you would rather know in advance to avoid unnessesary travel.

Best wishes

In case you haven't seen Greg's explanation about nor rowing  the rain I have copied below.

Thanks for your very valid question Jez. I am sure there are a number of people at the club who also would like to know the reasons.

This subject is continually debated amongst the Committee and the last review was at our committee meeting on the 26th April. The situation is as follows:

Our coxes are required to wear a face mask and eye protection for the duration of the row. As a result, the masks lose their effectiveness when wet and visibility when wearing eye protection is impaired. For these two reasons there is a risk to our coxes and the rowers which we are not happy to subject them to.

In addition, the effectiveness of the sanitising spray we use to clean the boat and equipment is questionable when wet. The risk of contagion through touch is again something which we do not want to subject our coxes or rowers to.

I, along with the Committee, share your frustration at not being able to row when the conditions are wet. Of course we will continue to review, but I don’t think there will be any changes to this policy until COVID rules are relaxed further and the use of the above safety equipment and measures are no longer required.